What is Yumblebee?

Yumblebee is designed for two purposes.

The first is to help you find the best food in your town. Yumblebee helps you make the right choice, whether you’re at your favorite restaurant or someplace new. You can also follow the activity of your friends in your Hive, Yumblebee’s social network. You can use the Hive to see where your friends eat, what they order, and what they recommend.

Second, Yumblebee helps your favorite restaurants by giving them your feedback so they can improve your dining experience. Restaurants can use our data to learn which of their items are favorites and which are disappointing, so they can offer more dishes you will rave about. In return, your favorite restaurants will provide coupons through Yumblebee so you can enjoy more of the food you love.

No stars? Why are there only two choices?

Yumblebee is all about simplicity. A star-system is inherently subjective and can differ from person to person. And while it might be difficult to decide if your dinner was four stars or three stars, you know immediately if you’re going to have it again. The questions Yumblebee wants you to answer are all yes/no questions. Did you like the food? Will you have it again? Would you recommend it to a friend? Simple!

What is My Plate?

My Plate can be used in two ways. You can use it as a queue where you can place things to rate later. That way, you can use Yumblebee to make your decision and vote at a later time or place. You can also use My Plate as a wish list. If you see an item on a menu or in your Hive that you’d love to try later, add it to your Plate so you can remember next time you’re looking for something to eat.

Why isn’t my favorite dish or restaurant listed?

Yumblebee has a database of millions of food items, but this database is always growing and changing. If we’re missing something, let us know with the “Add a Dish” queue. If we’re missing an entire restaurant, email us at staff@yumblebee.com, and we’ll add it as soon as possible!

Are you in my city?

Yumblebee started in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and we’re expanding rapidly. We are definitely coming to your city. Email us at staff@yumblebee.com to let us know which city we should add next!

What’s in the future for Yumblebee?

We know you’ll have a great time at Yumblebee, and the Yumblebee staff is working to make your experience better each time you visit. We are working on an iPhone app to be released this summer that will help you use our service on the go. After that, we will begin work on an Android app. We’re also working to make your social experience better, allowing you to better connect with your friends.